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Mind over Matter

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It's all about the mind. It's a powerful thing. Sometimes you just have practice positive affirmations. Not only can you speak it into existence but your feet can confirm them. We love these Mind over Matter grip socks. These BarreSocks will protect your feet while still giving you a barefoot-feel.

  • Soft: Non-skid, all-grip, no-slip socks great for yoga, pilates and workout. Towel like bottom with high thread knitting technique to produce high quality no-slip socks offers the most comfortable experience.
  • Snuggle: Great to wear for work out, to lounge around the house, maternity, and travel. Elastic band through the socks to ensure the socks stays on.
  • Sturdy: Best in industry technology to ensure the silicon dots stays on wash after wash and the socks remain non-slippery for your day to day use. Allow safe practice and prevent falls and slips. Extra elastic bands in the middle to ensure the socks stays stable. Extra thick cushioning on the back prevents rubbing and blistering. Designed to keep your feet warm and make you feel safe and stable!